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Blackwell - Ice Cream Freeverse

Bull City representative Blackwell is prepping to release The Book of Eli - Volume 1: Apocalypse later this month. Blackwell teams up with KTM tv and presents a lyrical lesson over Wu-Tang's "Ice Cream".

The Book of Eli - Volume 1: Apocalypse will be produced entirely by Soul Council member Fatin 10 and hosted by Dj Wade-O.

The New Standard: Marketing your Music Online with Mike Trampe

Are you struggling with your music marketing strategy online? Do you feel like everything that you are doing is wrong?

You are not alone. Marketing your music online is not easy. Luckily we are blessed with people who are knowledgeable about this topic.

The New Standard is a web show by Platinum Producer Dj Pain 1 and touring manager/Blogger ShaH Evans. I believe that this will be a weekly thing and I will make sure that I share this valuable content with you.

The exceptionally skilled duo decided to interview marketing strategist/Blogger Mike Trampe of HipHopDX/MikeTrampeTV fame and he shares some relevant information about marketing music online. At 14:30, Mike Trampe talks about big blogs and what they look for. Later in the web show, Mike Trampe mentions my site, such a humbling experience.

The discussion is needed in the industry. I feel like a lot of artists lack the knowledge needed to become successful music marketers. The trio did a great job breaking down the process in a simplified way. Check out the entire web show below.

Astronote recruits Blu for "Rhymes On Paper" Video Release

Shout out to Don Streat for putting on onto French beatmaker Astronote. We actually have two tracks in the vault with him!

I reached out to Astronote via Facebook and let him know that I could help him with promotion. A lot of international artists reach out to domestic personnel for promo work, management etc due to the language barrier.

Last night Astro' sent me his first video from his new album, Astroblacked. Blu cemented his legacy with the ultra-dope Below the Heavens. On "Rhymes on Paper" the Cali lyricist pens a cautionary tale for weak minded emcees.

Check out the rhymes: never let your pen get you in a situation, that your little gun gotta get your ass out of/ keep your tongue tame young man, keep your mouth shut, my niggas got prior convictions they not proud of

Check out the visual for the song below and Support the release on iTunes

DoubleA releases introspective video "Worth It"

Arizona based hip-hop artist DoubleA is finishing up his debut album.

The process of creating an album is full of emotion and some artists excel at conveying this emotion.

DoubleA addresses this emotion head on with the release of a reflective single called "Worth It".

I really love the cinematographic approach for the video. The inclusion of childhood photographs coupled with maternal shots really resonated with me.

I gravitate to music that stirs feelings and this video does that. Check it out below.

Paranormal Channels Immortal Technique with "Vendetta Doctrine"

New York hip-hop artist Paranormal delivers the revolutionary inspired video for "Vendetta Doctrine."

"Vendetta Doctrine" is the lead single from Paranormal's self titled project Vendetta Doctrine. The talented artist reminds me of Immortal Technique mixed with a dash of Killarmy.

I really love the thoughtful questioning of society, the slight inclusion of spirituality and a Fight Club reference! Paranormal rhymes, "devotion is motion, radically altered by the urban/ With a Project for Mayhem like Tyler Durden."

Vendetta Doctrine is available for purchase via Big Cartel | iTunes | Amazon

Ira Glass on Creativity...

I stumbled upon an awesome video from Ira Glass that pretty much sums up creativity. Take the chance to read the quote below if you are experiencing a creative lapse.

Nobody tells this to people who are beginners, I wish someone told me. All of us who do creative work, we get into it because we have good taste. But there is this gap. For the first couple years you make stuff, it’s just not that good. It’s trying to be good, it has potential, but it’s not. But your taste, the thing that got you into the game, is still killer. And your taste is why your work disappoints you. A lot of people never get past this phase, they quit. Most people I know who do interesting, creative work went through years of this. We know our work doesn’t have this special thing that we want it to have. We all go through this. And if you are just starting out or you are still in this phase, you gotta know its normal and the most important thing you can do is do a lot of work. Put yourself on a deadline so that every week you will finish one story. It is only by going through a volume of work that you will close that gap, and your work will be as good as your ambitions. And I took longer to figure out how to do this than anyone I’ve ever met. It’s gonna take awhile. It’s normal to take awhile. You’ve just gotta fight your way through.

As creative people sometimes we fall victim to our mind. Sometimes we fall victim to lofty expectations and this manifests itself as stress.

Sometimes the stress can cause people to quit. I placed the quote above for you, my audience that may be in a creative rut. I challenge you to take the time to watch the typographic interpretation of Ira Glass's famous speech below. I am positive that it will help you.

Please share this video if you can relate to it. Thank you!

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Image Credit: Life As A Human

Anyextee - Executive Decisions (Official Video)

What comes to mind when I state these names? Amalgam Digital, Illmind and Anyextee.

Hopefully dopeness comes to mind. "Executive Decisions" is a promotional video from the Amalgam Digital founder @Anyextee.

The talented record label CEO turned emcee destroys an Illmind beat with some slick lyricism. "Executive Decisions" shows that Anyextee has bars and he is more than capable of holding his own behind the mic.

He has shown that he is capable of wearing multiple hats. The modern Renaissance man is responsible for reviving Joe Budden's career, spearheading Max B's career and filming "Egypt Through The Glass Shop".

This track is a sign of things to come and it won't even be included on his upcoming album entitled Executive Decisions.

Devine Carama - Martin Didn't Die For This (Official Video)

Devine Carama is one of my favorite artists. The conscious rhyme slinger was a regular when I blogged regularly back in 2012.

"Martin Didn't Die For This" is a lovely track from Devine's upcoming EP The Dream Walker which will drop next month.

The song is produced by Raddiculous Productions and he also had a hand in syncing this awesome video together. I like the cutaways to Martin's speech and some modern images such as Twerking and some other negative things. Devine is making a proclamation that Martin didn't die for what is going on today. We have to do better.

Follow the homie @DevineCarama on Twitter.

How To: Making a High-Quality Lyric Video that People Will Actually Watch

I was able to get "Big Day for the Little People" done in less than 2 days because of previous & spectacular failures. I will focus on those here. I created that video using Sony Vegas, which I preferred to Final Cut because the interface is essentially the same as Sony Acid, which I grew up making beats on. Regardless, all video editing software is based on the timeline, and I won’t be addressing the finer points of the software itself at all.

The most important step was preparing fully prior to starting the actual video arrangement. I started with a printout of the lyrics and made notes next to every single bar – what kind of images it invoked, general notes on what to look for. I would say roughly 20% of the total workload was just spent on Google Images and gathering the images. In previous attempts, I didn’t have a full folder ready to go, and this resulted in tons of wasted time interrupting my workflow to go back and seek out new images to fill unexpected gaps. So my advice: have every frame accounted for prior to opening your video software at all.

My next step was processing the images, which I did in two shifts on two different computers (thank you, Google Docs!) using two different image editors: Adobe Photoshop and surprisingly capable free alternative, GIMP. I started by taking a thumbnail view of the entire folder and flagging all the images that seemed dark or muted. I processed these in a batch to increase the brightness and contrast. Then I ran a batch process for the whole folder to emphasize vibrant blues & oranges – which is the current standard for "professional" Hollywood posters.

I sized everything to 1080 x 720, because the sad reality of our digital wonderland is that your artwork will pretty much only ever exist in a youtube player. Personally, I am happy to trade off some definition & saturation in exchange for the biggest global audience on Earth, but I respect the purists who work in more ambitious formats.

Finally, I added all of the actual lyric text in Photoshop – although both Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro offer flexible, powerful options for working with text, I just didn’t want that step in my workflow at all. This is a personal choice; I don’t want to be thinking about design while I think about sequence.

The advantage of this front-loaded approach only becomes apparent in the final phase, which I did in a six-hour shift. There were a little under 200 different images involved in this video, but I had them all saved as sequentially numbered .jpgs, so the only real work I had to do in Vegas was micro-adjustments in the timeline. I would guess that I rendered and critiqued at least 10 test videos before I was satisfied. The tighter your cuts, the greater the impact, whether you’re doing a mixtape, directing an advertisement for BMW, or just making a lyrics video for the sake of art.

Humpasaur Jones is a recovering marketer who has retired to his native Vermont to focus on his life goals of rap, rap and rap. He is currently gallivanting around New England doing shows in support of his latest project, Breakup Music.

Video: Juneten - The New Rap Rebel (Lyrics)

Shout out to the homie e.d.g.e. for sending the link for this awesome track. I like Juneten's off the wall lyricism.

The Vancouver based emcee presents a throwback based video that is full of witty wordplay and alliteration. Check out the lyrics below.

Lyrics for The New Rap Rebel:

[Verse 1 - Juneten]
Advertise the acid dye Vulcan hammer to the grammar
Orion belt thief
walking with a panther and some alkalines
carry the Dada platter off grounds parameter pacified
With a two piece in plain sight
pander for the pantomime
Meander mosaics
aim right for the loose leaf
museum sea:Panama
Anaximander sanctified:
Standardized moon piece
levee Receipt leaf pulp
Feet up in a parabola nest
magma malt mess molten magnified
Obscure camera news feed suggests
unthawed gods in the cave light
...untold of flesh ,two feet and the daylight
when seen deemed amateur at best
View piece camera shy
over dramatized Lazarus effect
Bet satellite
Thousand tide karma
Labyrinth the set monster

[Verse 2 - Juneten]
Brains breathe the sent of no windpipe
wailing on algorithms
Rubix ribboned thought counter
single solitary string theory
..Giant glaciers in arctic religion
spilled the prism vision tasered
Fetch clouds in opaque haven
Slipped beneath feet of fleeting shadows
Imprinted clothe new forms
Malaysian epic flu born
Don’t need no premise
commissioned new born
Might need a decoder...
Hedo Turkulu shoe horn
technique of the reach is dimming sleep
rule and line don’t conquer no mystery G...
Wonder and astonishment
Permanence and providence
Dynamo copper stitch
bank of lights,Pikes Peak to Paris
play fight: watch peeps die and perish
while pioneering theories
go unpublished...repulsive
tabloid ghost write Einstein for loose greyhound loot
shoot an astronaut in his foot
for his good space suit
we goin'...

Video: Supastition - Yada Yada (Lyrics)

New Supa! New Supa! New Supa! New Supa!

"Yada Yada" is the first single from North Carolina rep Supastition aka Kam Moye. The accomplished emcee destroys a Marco Polo produced track with dope lyricism.

The video is awesome as well. I love the black and white feel and the simple approach.

"Yada Yada" is the first single from Supa's upcoming project called The Blackboard EP.

Supa even provided the lyrics to the track via the YouTube description...Awesome!

Yada Yada Lyrics

It's the return of your recurring nightmare
southern messiah who only rock the flyest Nike Airs
industry black sheep trying to fight being typecast
screaming NC 'til they put me in that white casket
it's the day of reckoning, I'm the wrecking ball when the record spins
since the ?uest recommend, I've counted consecutive wins
been in so many cities you would think I teleport
keep fans eyes bulging out like Tracee Ellis Ross
read between the lines, I define unsung
continue to son dumb n*ggas 'til the funds come
and anybody trying to stop the agenda
will see I got a hotter temper than a mafia member
I rapped alongside Crooked I, Phonte, Elzhi
they look at I, reply "he's no Kanye sales-wise"
keep it one hundred when others respond and tell lies
I'm humble, keep my head screwed on and held high
I never let the fame command me, I've seen it turn
righteous n*ggas into Amos and Andy, jigaboos
hip hop's my humble abode, I treat it like royalty
but these youngs boys, they be pissing all on the toilet seats
disrespecting legends, someone call the board of ethics
these dudes ¼ skill and three quarters reckless
yelling 'bout the legendary, legend what!
you don't even measure up to the Kanes and the Lord Finesses

Now everybody screaming they the king, yada yada
they making outlandish claims and nobody's bothered
tell them fools stay in their lane, they out of order
don't make me grab one of these young lames by the collar

Before you ever spend money on anybody's product
find out if they're about integrity or 'bout a dollar
somebody gotta tell it like it is so Mr. Moye
came back to kill the villains and fill in the missing void
sorry to disappoint those who didn't miss the voice
continue ignoring me like normally there is a choice
let the rest rejoice.... (crowd cheers)
never test your boy, I keep liquid swords in my reservoir
metaphors, similes, double entendres
the bars stay consistent as the Baltimore crime rate
slaughtering beats when I record report 'em deceased
f*ck a critic, skins thicker than a Nautica fleece
got your girl on all fours, how about some hardcore
like a horny Nautica Thorn in a porno release
got her performing for me while you wasting time in the studio
pretending to be some kind of king in a Coogi robe
I undress beautiful ladies without the loot to show
quicker than a 60's hippie can have a doobie rolled
ask me to do a show, you better have the show deposit
or point promoters to the exit with the door revolving
now you can say it's good promotion for me, yada yada
and this gone put me in the ranks with the hottest artists
but before I am a rapper, I'm somebody's father
and you always get what you paid for.... nada nada...
yada yada.... the yada yada...
It's still Supastition, n*gga!

Video: Wordsmith - The Limit

"The Limit" is the latest video single from Baltimore based emcee Wordsmith.

Below is a description of "The Limit" from Wordsmith:

"The Limit" is a Song/Video touching on the possibilities of Suicide. Some people are faced with hard choices in their life and end up taking their life rather then finding another option to cope with a current problem. In this particular song finding GOD is the option that saves my life in the video!

"The Limit" is from Wordsmith's latest album King Noah. I love the creativity of the song and the fact that Wordsmith is touching on real issues (suicide).

Video: M-Dot feat. Masta Ace - You Don't Know About It (Snowgoons Remix)

Nothing like a Snowgoons remix to start your day!

"You Don't Know About It" is the official remix from the Snowgoons mixtape This Is Goon MuSick.

You can support the Snowgoons by streaming and purchasing the mixtape HERE.

"You Don't Know About It" highlights the rhyming prowess of M-Dot and Masta Ace. The song also features cuts from Dj Danetic.

The song is originally from M-Dot and Dj Jean Maron's collaborative album Run MPC album that was released in 2010.

Video: Motel Eola - Kids Looking For Gold Promo

Here is the official video promo for Motel Eola's upcoming project called Kids Looking for Gold.

The project is scheduled to be released on 12/13/12 and you can download it via Motel Eola's Bandcamp.

My production influences vary from Oddisee's experimental drum patterns and breaks, to 9th wonder & Exile's amazing sample play and full album productions, to Just Blaze's epic catalogue, to DreamVille's variety and incorporation of different genres to sample. I simply love the genius of an instrumental and the art of production. - Motel Eola

Video: Jonny Empire - Best Things In Life Are Free

Check out the latest video from longtime collaborator Jonny Empire. The song is called "Best Things In Life Are Free" and it is produced by Stretch Armstrong.

I actually love the content for the song. I have known Jonny since he went by the moniker Sneakness (in awe of his maturation as an artist).

The talented hip hop artist/writer/student interned this summer for XXL Magazine.


Video: Dj Fatte - Cluck!

Just received this awesome video from Ty Nikdy Records. The song is called "Cluck!" and it is from European beatmaker Dj Fatte. Check out the quote below describing Fatte's production style.

He has a unique style of chopping samples and his beats are really neckbreaking. This summer Dj Fatte as a part of independent music label Ty Nikdy Records released his second instrumental album - Fatte No More. On this album you can find one really dangerous track called Cluck! which is now completed with a music video. Heavy beat and bass goes along with abstract visual by Nopromo.

Dj Fatte is a beat monster so right now he's working on forthcoming instrumental album as well as "one MC one producer" concepts albums with another Ty Nikdy members - Rest and MC Gey.

You can stream Fatte No More below and support the record as well.

Stream Dj Fatte - Fatte No More

Hazey - All of Me (Lyrics)

Hazey (aka DJ Hazey 82) is the homie, SoulChef is the homie...the result is dopeness.

Hazey broke down the dope video for "All of Me" which was shot on an iPhone 4S and a tripod.

I actually wrote this in the summer of 2011, before I heard the Fundamentalz song. I'm a big SoulChef fan and when I had heard the instrumental, I knew I had to write something to it. I've always really liked this song, so recently I thought I would make a little video for it.

I filmed this video by myself, using an iPhone 4S and a tripod. This was my first time filming or editing a video. I had some problems with my first edit, the program was glitching during the final render. So what you see here is a second edit. I used a second program for this one. It's not quite as clean as the first edit, but I hope you still like it. I'll be more prepared next time.



[Hook - 2x]
all of me every single piece
all of me head to my feet
all of me all I want is peace
all of me I put it on the beat

all of me I'm all complete real not the stupid shit
my hip hop ensemble has no bling accoutrements
I council in chambers with parties I be neutral with
of youthfulness to teach future kids the truth of this,
a blueprint a template a standard for comparison
hip hop is worldwide man its more than just American
I take my time like a watch thief, my lesson plan
do it in a minute never do it second hand
not a tool independent I'm the jewel in the pendant
play my music for my grand kids to school my descendants,
intentions ability my microphone shenanigans
I might just go bananas disadvantage emcee mannequins
they vanishing, disappear like David Copperfield
the mic has got a proper feel I beat em like a glockenspeil,
never off my rocker real with props I got a lot concealed
grinding like a socket wheel just waiting for my crops to yield

[Hook - 2x]

all of me I'm all complete third dimension rapping nice
cats is strife lacking spice they 2D like the fact of life
its Haze I'm blazing so amazing when I pack the pipe
facing ancient gladiators on me nothing but an axe n knife
life, the fight for aristocrats and scholars,
I showed up a day early with an extra dollar
holler if ya got a collar keeping you from getting taller,
the strong overcome with ways the weak didn't bother,
it's true I love music, the language universal
but I Tivo my hip hop and skip the commercial
Grand Pops was a colonel help me overcome hurdles
as I try to prove to others hip hop is still fertile
see the sound I wanna germinate, something like a surrogate
I circulate the earth and take a victory lap and burn the breaks
invertebrates perpetrate and increase the murder rate
I earn my cake serving fakes with words that I regurgitate

[Hook - 2x]

Video: Writer Jones - I Am Still Hip Hop (Lyrics)

I was exposed to this spoken word poem from Writer Jones earlier this week and well it is freaking awesome.

Writer Jones is spoken word artist from Portsmouth, Va and he is a contributing journalist for Because I Love Hip Hop.

"I Am STILL Hip Hop" is a moving three minute poem that showcases Writer's appreciation of hip hop. The Portsmouth, Va poet recently released a project called Intellectually Street that you can purchase on iTunes.

Writer Jones was kind enough to send me the lyrics to "I Am Still Hip Hop," I hope you enjoy the depth of lyricism from Writer Jones.

Lyrics for "I Am STILL Hip Hop"

So yeah I am STILL Hip Hop
I'm still graffiti laden backdrops with cardboard dance floors
Still an avid supporter of the grassroots campaign for the art form
That held precedence way before the labels took control
And made it so rappers could have more
Disposable funds provided the chance for more fun but less interesting concepts
More cars and trips to rhyme about but less truth from loose lips
I'm still a fan of methlodic musical manuscripts
Missiles used to sink ships whenever there was a challenge
I'm not a fan of the way that there's no visible balance
between party rhymers and full time punchliners
between skinny jeaners and dominant loose leafers
9th said most of the generation has given up on believing in the culture
and I say he's right because we need more real mcs skilled enough to puncture
the bubble where most new cats nowadays survive and
live shows in the past meant one man, one DJ, and a mic stand
and not 40 people on stage who jumping around who need to pull up their pants
And that's in the literal sense
I know my two cents might not get them to change but at least I'm willing to speak up
and that's how I plan to keep showing my love for the game
my fondest Hip Hop memories involve listening to Rakim and Eric B
dropping classic albums that raised the degree of difficulty
Made it so the ABC lyrics where no longer sufficient and if MCs wanted to stay relevant
shit it was imperative that you mastered that element
Right now a simple conversation about where you went on vacation
or how many chains you rock can get you played on every station
It's like the situation is no longer about how you've developed your craft
and when you try to mention it to the youngsters they suck their teeth, bounce to trap beats
hop on their swagcycles and laugh
Being so Hip Hop I long for the day when pioneers are celebrated
and the issue is no longer any debate about whether they’re too old to rock a crowd
I'm sure the majority will still stand proud and be happy to continue
the same way the Stones and Aerosmith still sell out at home and at international venues
It’s a damn shame how our culture is so one sided
Man I still throw on Criminal Minded and become blinded by the way
KRS took gangster rap and defined it, made it not something to be chastised for
but raised the level of awareness, made it something that should be heard more
And showed that Hip Hop music really was something that we all should applaud
Boys, girls, and parents the same turned something without a name
into something that catapulted inner city poets to fame
I swear to you that I won't change
My age does not dictate my musical taste and the place where I am in life
will not diminish my love for hearing a dope MC demolish a mic
Even through spoken word I will continue to serve the Hip Hop Gods
and if that seems odd to you
then there's really a good amount of soul searching that you might need to do
Claiming the true school era as your own but only showing love for it
when tucked quietly away at home, behind closed doors you rock Award Tour
but out in the street you walk to a different beat
R&B is cool but don't try to fool the people who know you
I know you still love Rob Base's It Takes Two but it’s gonna take me
and the millions of others who/ grew up with this culture like it was a sister or brother
to help bring it back and without the loyalty from one another
It will just fade away and that's the part that smothers my conscience
Com Sense expressed how he used to lover her, but now she's a promiscuous demon
content with screaming about scheming and murdering motherfuckers
I ride the coattails of Straighten It Out and Black Moon tunes
A Tribe Called Quest and Leaders of the New School
these new fools don't understand how rich the history is and I understand that
anything that gets big enough people tend to wanna get their share of the ends
but since it’s now the main influence again I'm asking that you recognize
the skill it takes and the happy go lucky fake gangsta rap, help me put an end to it
I am STILL Hip Hop y'all and I'm right here for us all to enjoy

Video: Professor P & Dj Akilles - Pro & Ak for President (Lyrics)

Earlier this year Professor P & Dj Akilles released the ultra dope project called The Realism. I actually reviewed the album. The Swedish based hip-hop duo are back with a new single from an untitled EP.

"Pro & Ak For President" is a classic hiphop banger with a chopped sample, verses that display Professor P's skills as an emcee, and a fantastic scratch-chorus by Dj Akilles. Not very complicated, but very dope.

The video is pretty creative. I love the unity that is exhibited in this video. The props were very minimal (a photo booth) and a collection of Swedish talent ranging from other emcees to dj's to musicians to streetwear entrepreneurs.

The director, Jacqueline Ragheb, describes the video like this:

During this shoot our colorful and artistic photo booth captured happiness on faces that can not be wiped away. Pro & Ak is brings hip-hop back to the roots and throughout this video we wanted to show love for the music, love for art and above all, love for life. This song gives us alot of energy and joy and our photo booth represents that. So come get some!

"Pro & Ak For President" is produced by Professor P & DJ Akilles and mixed/mastered by Erik L. The video is produced by Triadfilm.

Pro & Ak For President Lyrics

[Professor P]
Eyo they heard of me from Germany to Spain, the fame ain't concerning me I aim
to be verbally insane/
On a murder spree, showing em' the third degree of pain/
Reign eternally, we came to take it further in the game/
I was born on the same date as Keith Elam/
it's only right that we give ya rap and scratch with a street feeling
keep spilling my soul, no cheap thrill and my feet's still on the road
although its cold I just keep dealing/
with bass lines, kicks, hi hats and snares/
with sample as ammo we gon hijack ya ears
cheers to all my peers who've had my back for years/
and my crew is fly with our do or die rap careers/
so as the worlds turning, the sun be still
I'm rhyming for a couple Heinekens and one free meal/
I look like a cast member outta One Tree Hill
Still I'm Too Short pimped out and Bun B trill, chill...

[Scratch Hook]
Peep the flow, here we go
So come get some
coming right and exact
Holding it down
With a brand new sound you can pump in the streets
Peep the flow, here we go
So come get some
coming right and exact
Holding it down
and you know i got the flow that'll never play out

[Professor P]
Eyo we bring the soul back like Show on the Soulclap beat
you know the vibe, Large Pro and Tribe, that old Black Sheep
Bout to snap like a Kodak on those that sleep
It's a known fact we rep, check the whole rap sheet
run tracks like a pro athlete, except with no track meat
just a flow that'll blow - gas leaks
from the hot boulevards to the cold backstreets
we'll keep it true til we're at least a few gold placks deep
Deep as the wordplay's get
i need a first aid kit, cause every verse stay sick
in the worst way, slick from the first bass kick
spots get blown on some candles on ya birthday shit
this ain't boombap it's soulbap from new rap to old rap we represent
you know that it's pro ak for president
still glistening, for the fam who still listens
have patience and maintain, that's the realism...

Video: Rumorz - Save You (Lyrics)

Yesterday I received a lovely song called "Save You" from an artist by the name of Rumorz. The video is very awesome and I encourage you to take the time to watch it.

"Save You" is a single from Rumorz recent release called New England Weather which can be downloaded from Dat Piff.

Rumorz took the time to let me know the concept behind the song. Rumorz stated that:

the main message behind it is that we as a society are "becoming are own worst enemy" basically. From pollution of nature, our mind, etc... we are essentially the only thing that can save us from ourselves... 

Rumorz's Social Media Sites: Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: Rumorzmusic


i'm calling you off the ledge
toes hanging over the edge
if i were stronger i'd pick you up
hold on a little longer it'd be enough to save you
oh to save you

[Verse 1]
Though now you all polluted, I remember you were beautiful
Even though I barely know 70% of you
You'd treat me like an only child, let me step all over you
You were different every mile, show me things to make me smile
But you had a temper, every time I heard that thunder strike
See you in a different light, they way you kill just isn't right
The way you treat Louisiana, Alabama, Oklahoma
Florida, and California made it tough to still support ya
just when I'm ready to abandon you and let you rot
I would picture farmers and them people eating off their crops
So from the meadows to the concrete of them city blocks
We were like a druggie out of rehab and we couldn't stop.
Soil to the oil, we would rob you for like all you got
Take your pick, whatever you want.
Consequences are not essential in this potentially evil plot,
some don't even feel need to stop.
They don't see that that need to breathe and that need to be a future is not.

[Chorus 2x]
If I were stronger, I'd pick you up
Hold on a little longer, It'd be enough
If I were stronger, It'd be enough to save you. Oh, to save you.

And I, remember.
Things were good. THings were better.
Life was easy, and things weren't hard.
But life is tough, we all have scars now.

[Verse 2]
How the hell can I let you die? Gotta put you on life support
People think that we'll live forever, don't know what that we're fighting for
People never appreciate just what they got until that its gone.
Don't think I can save you, but I hope I'm wrong
'Cause you be crazy. Yeah, that bitch crazy!
Crazy bitch! Every time I think I love you, you just fuckin up and switch!
One second you cool, but you bi-polar.
Tonight you somber like you hung-over. Swear you a poser but
Most people just out for self, ain't a concern about your health
Swear that it's you crying when it rains or when a glacier melt.
We wanted paper so we cutting trees. Abolish jungles now you barely breathe.
Take what we want and leave.
Science says "they knew it, you're gonna be ruined".... They say "The sky should be more bluish." I guess that we blew it.
They say that "you must have a fever, you starting to heat up"
And we ain't do shit about it, just kicking our feet up...yeah...

[Chorus - 2x]
If I were stronger, I'd pick you up
Hold on a little longer, It'd be enough
If I were stronger, It'd be enough to save you. Oh, to save you.

I swear you can be saved, but only if you want to be...
Yeah I swear you can be saved, but only if you want to be....

I wish... I knew... another way to save you
But I've tried, so many ways to save you
I can only say...I love you.. I love you...

Yeah I swear you can be save, but only if you want to be
Never let yourself become your own worst enemy (Repeat)



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