Introducing Musicians to the Benefits of Twitter Hashtags

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You turn on your computer and you log into Twitter for the first time and you are amazed at the rapid Twitter traffic. You scroll for content and you encounter a tweet that has a symbol that is usually represented on your phone. Congratulations! You have just been introduced to Twitter hashtags.

Twitter Hashtags are awesome because they help facilitate communication and narrow Twitter feeds. Twitter hashtags present a lot of benefits for the Do It Yourself Recording Artist. At the conclusion of this blog you will learn how to use Twitter Hashtags effectively. This knowledge will empower you to progress towards interaction.


A Twitter hashtag is simply a keyword phrase, spelled out without spaces, with a pound sign (#) in front of it (HubSpot, 2012).

Album titles can be used as Twitter Hashtags (for example #Elmatic #Destruction #LiveFromTheUnderground #ChurchClothes and more).

Terms and Keywords can be used as Twitter Hashtags (for example #Marketing #Blogging #Running #Kettlebell and more).

Random things can be used as Twitter Hastags (for example #BlameLebron #MyFavoriteTVShow #AceVentura and more).

Events can also be used as Twitter Hashtags (for example #Soundset #SXSW #FlavorFest #EpicFest #RapFest and more).

Twitter hashtags promote communication and interaction. If I want to join a discussion about marketing then I may structure a tweet like this.

Interactive #Marketing is really taking off due to technological advancement.


You can track Twitter Hashtags by inserting the hashtag into the search area. How to Use Hashtags on Twitter: A Simple Guide for Marketers provides more insight on the importance of hashtags and how to use them.


I believe that all musicians should use Twitter Hashtags as promotion. Businesses use Twitter Hashtags all the time. Twitter Hashtags are cost effective (free!), easy to use, and easy to track. Encouraging your fanbase to utilize the hashtag is the first step. Ask them on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and other sites to utilize a specific Twitter Hashtag.

When you release album artwork, use a hashtag. When you release your first video, use a hashtag. When you are promoting shows or an album release, use a hashtag. Here are some of the benefits to using hashtags.
  • Easy way to track what the FANS are talking about
  • Easy way to gain new fans or followers given the consistent stream of communication
  • Easy way to pinpoint which blogs are posting your material
  • Easy way to present a community that is exclusively driven by a hashtag
Remember that Twitter Hashtags should be used sparingly and using them too often can be considered spamming by the audience. Also remember to use one to two hashtags in a single tweet.

Here are some other links that provide excellent information about Twitter Hashtags.

How to Use Twitter Hashtags Effectively
Twitter Hashtags 101: Complete Guide to Power and Discovery
HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Twitter #Hashtags

Please SHARE this information, I want you to succeed and it would be a blessing if you help others succeed.

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Are you using Twitter Hashtags Effectively?

The Ultimate Online Radio Station & Podcast Directory

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This post was inspired by The Ultimate Hip-Hop Blog Directory (Search Hip-Hop Blogs That Accept Music Submissions) post that I put together on April 23, 2012.

The popularity of online Internet radio stations such as Pandora,, Spotify, Earbits and others has skyrocketed due to the ability to personalize play lists and the ability to have a station dedicated to similar artists.

eMarketeer suggests that 37.5% of US Internet users ages 12 and up will listen to Internet radio—including online streaming of terrestrial broadcasts and online-only radio stations—or podcasts at least weekly this year. On a monthly basis, 44.3% of web users will tune in to online radio.

The statistics suggests that the American public is slowing drifting away from the corporate dominated radio stations and shifting towards something that is catered to them.

I compiled this list as a resource for those that are looking to enhance their visibility. This list will include a variety of hip-hop based online radio stations and podcasts that are hungry for content.

Blog coverage is just one avenue to gain exposure yet I still believe that online radio stations are great ways to expand one's brand.

I decided to include this list of podcasts and online radio stations because I believe that artists need to continue to seek other ways to get their music heard. Thank you for your time. New additions will be bolded.

106.3 Mobile Radio
15 Minutes of Fame Radio

Altared Lives

BangNat Radio
Base FM
Basement Radio
BTS Radio
Big Noise Radio
The Bigger Than Hip Hop Show
Blackout Radio
Bong Hits Radio
The Bum Rush Show

ChannelPick Radio
Cipha Radio
Classic Rap
Clock Radio Speakers
The Come Up Radio
Connect Da Dot
The Consignment Show
Conspiracy Radio

DaBeatHouse Radio
Da Corner Radio
Del City Radio
DMV Live Radio
Dropping Science
DYME Life Radio
DZ Nutts Radio

Effwhatuheard Radio

Fuego Beats Radio

Get Lifted Radio
Gospel Grind

Hip Hop Flavors
HoodHype Show

IBFU Radio
IPO Radio

J. Pitts Show

Kingdom Minded Show

Laid Back Radio

Main Ingredient Radio Show
Morpheus Soul Show

No Ideas Original Radio Show
Nitty Gritty Radio

On Beat w/ Ohlow
OUR Show
Pirate Radio Invasion

Rap Is Outta Control
The Rap Show
RatedBama Radio
Rhyme Pad Radio
Revolt Radio
Ridin Durty TV
Rosenberg Radio
Rough Radio Show

Scope Radio
Skyy Hook Radio
Side-B Radio
Soul Kontrol Show
Soulection Radio
Sphere of Hip Hop Podcast
Spinfire Radio
Straight From The Undergroud 2.0 Podcast
Stereo Assault
Strictly Hip Hop
Subsoniq Radio
Swurv Radio

TM101 Radio
Tranzition King Radio
TTT Radio
Turntable Izm Show

Wade-O Radio
WDSR Radio

The Yes Hour

z180 Radio

Remember this list is solely based on a Twitter List that I compiled several months ago. I hope that you are able to expand your viral presence with this information.

Please SHARE this information, I want you to succeed and it would be a blessing if you help others succeed.

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If this list is missing any radio stations/podcasts please drop a link in the comment section and I will add it to the list!

Vinyl Release: Dirty Treats feat. Praverb The Wyse - 'Original' / 'Everything Is Broken' // 7"

Words can not describe how excited I was when Dirty Hairy told me that "Original" and "Everything is Broken" would be released via vinyl.

Here is a little backdrop for those that have not heard these tracks. Dirty Hairy originally sent me these beats in 2005 and of course it took me some time to craft some rhymes. I sent the rhymes via some file sharing device to Dirty Hairy (who was residing in the UK at the time with Ill Treats) and he tweaked the track.

For those that don't know Dirty Treats consists of Dirty Hairy and Ill Treats.

Fast forward to 2012, seven years have passed since the conception of the original tracks and you have a vinyl that includes new production from the vintage tracks.

You can read thoroughly about the creation of the songs HERE. Special shout out to Blunted Astronaut Records for releasing this collector's item.

You can pre-order the Vinyl HERE. Only 300 of these vinyl records will be printed up and you will get access to a digital download when the product is shipped on 7/20/2012.


50 + Christian Hip-Hop Artists That Provide Hope For The Future

Image retrieved from Christian Rap Ain't Dead Myspace page.

This post was inspired by a lack of knowledge about the genre that I fell in love with back in 2000. I gravitated to Christian Hip-Hop after I became a Christian and I listened to everything ranging from Ambassador, LPG, Tunnel Rats, Mars ILL, New Breed, The Remnant, Cross Movement, Shai Linne, Braille, Sho Baraka, Nomadic the Journeyman, and many more.

Years went by and I started to distance myself from Christian Hip-Hop, I was tired of the same thing! I felt that the artists were not sharing their full testimony. I felt that honesty was being replaced by an overbearing message. I felt like the fire and brimstone message was not connecting with the masses (out of sight, out of mind).

Now over the years I have seen a resurgence in lyrical quality, artists such as Trip Lee, Da Truth, Viktory, Jin, Giano, Bizzle, Andy Mineo, and more provide lyrics that are applicable to life. I still thought that the production was super par...

I also felt like the primary focus was on feeding Christians as opposed to reaching those that were at a cross road. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to listen to a monumental mixtape from Houston based emcee Lecrae called Church Clothes.

The mixtape has already produced a large buzz based on the step up in terms of production (the project boasts features from 9th Wonder, Boi-1da, S1 and more). The reach potential for this project is what gravitated me towards checking it out (I will admit that I am not the biggest Lecrae fan yet he gained a new fan yesterday!).

The mixtape caused me to ponder about the state of Christian Hip-Hop, most importantly who or whom the torch bearers should be. Humble Beast, Illect and Reach Records have rosters full of gospel based talent.

I am not a gospel or CHH aficionado so I asked for assistance from my homie Kellus from the in terms of putting together this list. He provided some incredible leads and exposed me to artists I have never heard before. This list is comprised of artists that have the quality or qualities to reach a vast majority of people.

This list may have some omissions and I apologize if I did not include you or an artist that you like. The focus of this list revolves around education, you educate me and I educate you. Please share the name and link of the artist that you believe should be added in the comments section and this list will continue to grow.

ILuvBruceLee provided me with a list six months ago yet I wasn't ready to pitch the list to the world and it is lost forever :(


Yung Rick

Shames Worthy

Red Baron

Fred Council

Jeremiah Bonds

Heesun Lee



Cash Hollistah

Cas Metah

eshon Burgundy

Jae Life



Insufficient Funds

Silas Zephania


Through Hymn


J. Givens



Erick Dayz

Jerry Blackwell

Eons D

Just Word






Conduct Lionhardt

Jordan Santana


Ill Seer


The Runaway

Big Sto

Ali Rozet

True Story

Smurf Village


CONQUEST aka Jay Renegade


Selah aka The Corner

Wes Pendleton

Max Haben

Jimi Whisperz

The White Label Project

Daisy Fontaine


Karl Nova


Nucci Reyo

Morningstar Music

Shadows of the Locust


Make sure you visit, RapZilla, Sphere of Hip-Hop, Holy Culture, and Heatcasters for everything Kingdom related.

9 Things That The Masses Should Know About Underground Superstars

Image retrieved from Dj Soulclap

Tomorrow, rapper Punchline and German beatmaker/Dj Dj Soulclap drop the long anticipated album Underground Superstars via Soulspazm Records.

Dj SoulClap took time out of his busy schedule to address 9 things that we (the masses) should know about Underground Superstars. Remember you can pre-order the album via iTunes and support future releases.

9 Things That The Masses Should Know About Underground Superstars

Punch & I did our first track together back in 2008. I featured him on the Soul Occs track "Dedicated to the B's", that happened after meeting him for the first time after a show in 2007!

In March, last year we decided to do an album together, in August he came to Germany to shoot the video, take pictures and re-record the majority of the songs, the album was almost done back then, it just took so long because we needed to collect the features.

We named the album Underground Superstars, because we have this track on the album called Underground Superstar. It is based on a Song by Superstar Quamallah called "Love Has Made Us" where I got that voice sample from. That was the beginning of the beat when I made it, added some cuts that fit to the theme and that's it!

Punch & I had been trash talking for years about who would win in a basketball match. Last year we finally had the chance to end all the talking and played against each other. 2 games, 1 on 1 and a game of horse, all had the same winner. I won't tell you how it ended though...But that feud is over, lol!

We got a feature by a German female rapper called Pyranja. I think that's pretty revolutionary because US artists usually don't want anybody from overseas on their own joints. She did her thing and spit some fire, although you won't understand what she's saying you will definitely feel it. It's actually one of my favorite songs on the album.

Features on the album are: Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Stricklin, Chaundon, Torae, Ruste Juxx, Apocalypse, Sha Stimuli, Pav Bundy, Rapper Big Pooh, Nova Rockafeller, Paranja, Toni Hill and Adanita Ross. Sounds a lot, but there are features on like half of the tracks, some are just hooks, so there is going to be a lot of Punchline(s)!

This actually is Punch's first solo album. I'm proud that I am the one to produce it. That man is a legend. I mean we are a team, but it's only him rapping, so it's definitely kind of a solo album.

The album will be out May 8th at all digital outlets! You can preorder the album on iTunes. The CD's will be out a little later, so keep your eyes and ears open!

We are already working on a follow up!

You can check the snippets here:

YouTube Secrets Exposed: Do's And Don'ts of Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Image retrieved from Sorbet Digital

YouTube is a vital promotion tool, if you're a independent/obscure artist and you're not lucky enough to have your music uploaded by someone else to YouTube, don't just sit around waiting for someone to do it. You have two options, send uploaders your music or create your own channel. I recommend you do both, it's great for all artists to have their own YouTube channels, that way you control the music and how you want your self to be perceived.

What I will share with you today are just some simple tips to get your channel up and running and build a steady fan base. If your goal is to make a channel with 30k Subscribers and get partnership then look elsewhere, this advice is just for normal artists seeking to bring in the fans they already have.

First, set up a account in your artist name, get the page looking good and when it comes to uploading music have this in mind:
  • Google the most popular times in your country when YouTube has the most traffic and pick the best days (In my opinion Thursday and Sundays are perfect days).
  • Spread out your uploads, don't upload more then one thing at a time. The first upload will get less hits then the last upload as people will overlook it.
  • Tag your videos correctly and honestly! Don't put nothing like "car crash martian conspiracy", tag your music by genre, artist, year and maybe even a couple similar artists.
That is the easy stuff that most people will know as it's pretty common sense. The hard thing about YT is understanding that you are a needle in a huge haystack and getting your music/content heard and watched can be tricky.

Now if you are already an existing artist and your music is already on YT the first thing you need to do is: Harness your fans. You do this by collecting the usernames from people who have commented on tracks of yours that are already on YouTube. Collect those usernames up and put them in a notepad file and separate them by a comma.

Now it's easier to contact them and inform them that you have a new channel where you will uploading your music and content from now on; if they want to follow your new music then they can subscribe. Don't be pushy or beg for subscribers from these people, your preaching to the choir! These people are already fans of your music so your only goal is to notify them of your existence on YT if they won't to subscribe that's down to them.

Now bare in mind when it comes to contacting these people you can do it several ways, you can write on their channel walls or you can inbox them, if you inbox them you can batch message 25 people a time in a comma separate username ID list but you run the risk that people will ignore the message because they think its spam as it is a bulk message. Either way, you should notice an immediate response.

In my opinion there is no point in having a YT channel if you are not going to engage with your listeners, appreciate the feedback you get, ask for opinions...etc and if someone takes two minutes out of their life to send you a message saying "thank you for making blah blah I love that song, it changed my life" then take 2 minutes out of your day to acknowledge them.

If you are a new artist or a lesser known artist, how do you go about gaining new fans on YouTube? This is a tricky situation because unlike above you are not contacting people that already know you, so some people may view it as spam. But if you target the right people, they will thank you!

In this day and age it's hard to find new artists so when your messaged from a artist who you like it's a win/win situation! The hard part like I stated previously is finding those fans. If you make deep conscious hip-hop there is no point contacting people you find on a Lil Wayne video asking them to check out your music, if you do that do us all a favor and don't start to begin with. Instead find your target audience by narrowing down similar artists to yourself, people who you have a similar sound to. For example if you make music similar to say: Sage Francis you wouldn't just contact Sage Francis fans you would narrow it down more by including another artist you are similar to.

How? Use Google! Narrow down your search by searching:
Google > "channels" for example. Atmosphere or Sage Francis

By putting in the search field it means Google only searches that site and by putting brackets on "channels" it will bring up channels making it easier for you to contact these people. Now remember there is a thin line between promotion and spam, if you think you can just click subscribe on all these peoples channels and they will subscribe to yours, then that's a stupid idea. Contact ONLY the people who you truly believe will appreciate your music if any at all.

Target hip hop heads, people who are part of the hip hop community don't target everyday folk who use YouTube to watch make up tutorials but also who happen to like the same artists whom you believe your self to be similar with. There is a huge hip hop community on YouTube. Use the above advice at your own accord but don't spam or ruin YT for the rest of us or make it harder for other artists who are using those tactics properly, don't put a stain on fellow underground artists.

A couple Do's and Don'ts:

  • Your own videos for songs be creative or if you don't have Album artwork..etc use good high res images.
  • Post your videos to other similar popular videos as a response.
  • Keep your channel active, spread our uploads out and keep people up to date.
  • Post all relative information in the video description: Downloads/FB Fan page...etc.

  • Buy "fake" views or subscribers. It's obvious and achieves nothing! If your main goal on YouTube is to get popular then ask yourself why! Your main goal should be to get and maintain a steady, dedicated loyal fan base.
  • Post comments on other videos telling people to check out your music, it's totally different from what I mentioned above and most people will just thumb you down anyway!
  • Get pissed off with people if they leave a negative comment, one of the best reasons for a artist to have YT is for fan feedback, if someone don't like your music that's life! Appreciate their opinion and don't get involved in petty internet arguments.
  • SPAM! I've said it already but you will gain nothing spamming people, you will probably just piss people off and they will just dislike your videos without even giving it a try.

And remember YouTube is a huge site, any of the advice will work, you just need to be dedicated and time will provide results.

This is a guest blog written by Bob42jh who has over 20,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel and over 7,000,000 views. Bob42jh is also the owner of Cult Classic Records.



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