IV the Polymath - New vs. Old (Album Preview)

Today I have been blessed to present an album preview from IV the Polymath. New vs. Old is an instrumental album that is scheduled to be released on December 13th via Polymath Records. The project will be available online and physical copies will be provided as well (only 500 digipak CDs will be available).

The album was mastered by Panacea member and Subsoniq co-host K-Murdock. The embedded bandcamp player (located below) presents a three and a half minute track that highlights different beats from the project.

You can check out the preview version and pre-order the project HERE.

Tip 5: Remember to Say Thank You

The fourth tip focused on tracking your email marketing campaign and this tip will present information on being generous.

If a blog or media outlet decides to post your material or interview you or review your material then you should at least send them an email saying Thank You. I tend to go to the website and provide my generosity there. Remember that your generosity could lead to more posts in the future. It is all about familiarity and reputation.

When the post is live make sure you do your part as an artist and spread the word about the post.

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

Tip 4: Track the Results

The third tip focused on sending an email and waiting for a response. This post or tip will give you the necessary knowledge to track the results of your email marketing campaign.

I created a spreadsheet in Excel where I could input the blogs that have posted my material. I learned this useful technique from an eBook from Chris Bracco. You can view the media contact list (the blogs) and the way that I track the results by clicking the link below.

Praverb's Media Contact List & Tracking

The results are easy to track if you utilize Google Alerts. You can also search on Google to see if a site posted your material by putting in your name and the name of the project.

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

Tip 3: Send the Email and Wait

The second tip focused on researching websites and organizing a contact sheet. Once your have compiled your contact sheet or email list then you can send the emails.

You can either contact the website individually (which I think is best) or you can send an email blast. The benefits of sending personalized emails is that you can build a relationship with media that you haven't contacted before. If you already have the relationship with certain blogs then you can opt to send an email blast.

I sent out over 90 personalized emails to every media outlet on the Media Contact List that I included on Tip 2. Below I will present some examples of the personalized emails.

Hello Hip-Hop Kings,

I just wanted to express that I am a fan of your website and the promotion of talented artists. The promotion of UK based talent highlights the universal appeal of hip-hop. I would love if you consider posting my latest project (info below).

then I posted the prompt found in the first tip...


Hello Hip Hop Dependency,

I just wanted to express that I am a fan of your website and the promotion of talented artists. You reviewed The BrainStormers project in the past and I thought that you would be interested in my latest project called Professional Hobbyist. I would love if you consider posting my latest project (info below).


Hello REC,

I just wanted to express that I am a fan of your website and the promotion of talented artists. I love that your website appeals to a French audience and it would be a blessings if you consider posting my latest project (info below).

If you notice all three emails use the same first sentence. The second sentence is personal. I either present information from a past relationship or I present kind words about the functionality (website design, targeted audience, past interviews, past reviews and more) of a website.

Remember to make sure that your email subject lines are informative and to the point. I have provided a post on Email Subject Lines and the effectiveness of them.

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

Tip 2: Research the Website and Organize Contact Sheet

The first tip focused on the completed project and the organization of the press release. Now that you have the completed press release you must decide which sites you would like to send your music to. In order to do this you must research the website and apply what you researched to your promotional efforts.

Utilize google and trust me it will make the process of finding hip-hop or music related websites easier. I started out by submitting music to the big blogs such as 2 Dope Boyz or Kevin Nottingham. When the bigger sites did not post my material I started focusing on the smaller blogs and then created a foundation or a contact list that I update on a regular basis.

As an artist you must know your niche and understand that your music may not fit a particular media outlet. You have to use common sense and actually look at the content that the website is presenting on a daily basis. If your music is parallel to what is being presented on that site then you should look for their contact information.

Once you have the contact information then you should store it somewhere. I store all of my Media contacts in a Microsoft Word Document.

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

Tip 1: Record the music > Organize the Press Release

The first tip for getting blog coverage is to have music, recorded music preferably. If you have the music then you can work on the press release and then you will be able to send the music out to the blogs or other websites.

The easy part is recording the music the hard part is marketing the music and getting your name out there. The press release is very important because it is used to inform the masses about something, create excitement about a release and motivate people to buy or download the product. So in a sense the press release promotes credibility. If you do not know how to write a press release I advise hiring someone or befriending someone that is knowledgeable of writing them.

When I wrote the press release for Professional Hobbyist I had to make sure that I informed the audience (in this case the bloggers, websites, media etc) about my product. I made sure that I detailed the project in a way that would influence the reader to download the project. Below I have included a sample of the press release for Professional Hobbyist. The press release details what the project is about, the motivation behind the project, who is featured on the project and the call to action (which is the download link).

Professional Hobbyist is a ten track journey that examines a man who is a blue collar man by day and an emcee by night. The project highlights the struggles associated with vocation, educational goals, personal life and a time consuming hobby. I make it perfectly clear that I would rather make a living as an emcee as opposed to completing a Masters in Business Administration. The album features production from This Is Tomorrow, Manu Beats, LX-Beats, Skipless, Muneshine and more. BrainStormers crewmate, Dj Grazzhoppa, adds scratch hooks on three of the ten tracks including the title track. The project also boasts a feature from long time collaborator Don Streat.

You can download Professional Hobbyist = http://praverbthewyse.bandcamp.com/album/professional-hobbyist

PS: All press is good press and if you have time to write some words about the project I would be happy (a review, an interview or just a track by track breakdown. I will return the favor and post the press on my website). The goal for this project is to progress towards making this a reality and not a dream (shows, bigger features, etc).

More tips can be found on the 5 Tips for Getting Blog Coverage standalone page.

FREE Download: Cane - Appetizer for Destruction

Appetizer for Destruction is the latest project from Virginia based rhyme slinger Cane. The album artwork (which you can view above) is awesome and reminds me of something that Necro would use. This project serves as an appetizer before the entree which will be Cane's next album called Destruction. On Appetizer for Destruction the talented emcee attacks each beat with a surgeon's precision. The rhyme slinger makes sure that every word is utilized correctly and spits bars with his trademark intensity. I witnessed his ability to make songs and all I have to say is give this project a shot. You can download the project below by clicking the Download Now link.

Cane also provided an awesome video for the masses today. The song is called "Grassroots Tangent" and it features the dual chemistry of Cane and Lou Burna. The sample is nice and it reminds me of something that the Wu Tang Clan would rhyme over. I like the visual direction and concept that Mr. Fili implemented as well. Definitely a video that you must see. Check out the video below.

Video: General Spade - Time To Roll (Australian Antigen)

I was viewing my twitter feed this morning and I was blessed to view this video from a hip-hop artist by the name of General Spade. The name of the song is called "Time to Roll" and I love the images that videographer Bad Signal Productions utilizes. Ashley does a great job capturing the essence of the song. A lot of people in America are drones and operate based on what they are fed. General Spade urges the people to stand up and defy the brainwashing that has controlled the masses.

Praverb's Poll: How many games will Ndamukong Suh miss due to suspension?

Casinos onlineonline casinoPolls

Yesterday during the Packers and Lions game Ndamukong Suh was ejected for forcefully pushing Green Bay offensive lineman Dietrich-Smith's head to the ground and stomping on the defenseless player as he was walking away. A lot of "dirty" things happen during the course of an athletic event and the masses do not get to hear what is said or see what goes on during a game (especially beneath the pile).

I am not coming to Ndamukong's defense because he should have a better grip on his aggression. The issue at hand is that Suh is an aggressive player in this new sissified National Football League and he will continue to have the target on his back. The young man just had a meeting with Roger Goddell about appropriate on field conduct and an explanation of the rules. I truly believe that his effort to reach out to Goddell will soften the punishment. I believe that he will receive a hefty fine (more than $50,000) and he will be suspended for two games. What are your thoughts about the impending suspension or play?

Video: Kandžija - Koktel od rakije

Here is a feel good track from Croatian emcee Kandžija that is produced by long time friend and collaborator Dirty Hairy. I had to ask the Croatian based beatmaker what the track was about due to the language barrier.
Yeah man, it's talking completely metaphorical. Its a reggae hip hop track about the national drink RAKIJA. Its a strong alcoholic drink here served in a small glass traditionally before a days work in the fields or before physical work but he talks about the drink being a cocktail of sorts, which you can't really do with Rakija, it's not that kind of drink.

Metaphorically the Rakija represents Croatia in the track and the people, the mind state etc trying to be less Croatian by mixing more fake, lame, nontraditional influences and ingredients.

- Dirty Hairy

Dj Grazzhoppa - Intricate Moves 2 (Promo Mix)

Dj Grazzhoppa - Intricate Moves 2 (PromoMix) by Dj Grazzhoppa PT1

Here is the promotional mix for Dj Grazzhoppa's Intricate Moves 2 which will be released by Chess Move Cartel in the future. The project features Creme De La Creme, Smimooz, Blastah Beatz, Praverb The Wyse, MighGawd, Odilon, Jazz T, Woody, BoulaOne, Envious Mind, JMega, Dj Grazzhoppa's Dj Bigband, Kwote1, Monique Harcum, Sen Kevlar, K-Hill, B.B.Z.Darney, Africancuts Amazulu, JabbaThaKut, Iron and Reef Ali. You can listen to the first leak from the project HERE. You can download Intricate Moves: Volume 1 which features Dj JabbaThaKut below by clicking the Download Now button.

Video: Chic Raw and Journalist - Tears Of Joy

I first heard this track on Journalist project called While Supplies Last (the song was originally put together by Rick Ross and Cee Lo Green). Chic Raw joins Journ and two Philly emcees speak on life and present real emotion over somber based production. The addition of Cee Lo Green's hook is icing on the cake. Shout out to the Violator DJs for playing awesome music.

Video: Knoe FM - Swing

Back in September I decided to share Knoe FM's project with you guys. The project is called Four Moves and you can download it HERE.

The talented Australian based emcee has presented the first visual from the project called "Swing". "Swing" is directed by Mel Branson and the video presents a day in the life of Knoe FM. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Video: Cane - Throw Away Thoughts

"Throw Away Thoughts" is the latest single from Virginia based emcee Cane. "Throw Away Thoughts" will be included on the upcoming November 29 release called Appetizer for Destruction. I like the video because of its simplicity. Cane raps while preparing breakfast which is super dope. I wish he would have invited me over for some scrambled eggs and pancakes haha. Take a listen to the track and let me know what you think.

Dj Grazzhoppa feat. K-Hill - Partyrocka

"Partyrocka" is the first leak from Dj Grazzhoppa's upcoming album Intricate Moves 2. The track is produced by B.B.Z Darney from Sweden and features on point lyricism from North Carolina based emcee/beatmaker K-Hill. I have been a fan of Grazz's cuts and production for about two years now and I thank the homie M-Dot for exposing me to this talented man. B.B.Z Darney is a favorite of mine as well because I love his jazzy based production. Listen to this cut and let me know what you think.

Emay - Igneous ROCKstar + No Sign

Igneous ROCKstar by Emay

Back in January I reviewed a project from Emay called Mind Altering Dynamics and I was amazed at his rhyme skills and production skills. Nine months passed by and then gold presented itself in my inbox via the form of an email. Emay utilized the time to craft his skills and present two stunning singles. "Igneous ROCKstar" showcases the talented and precise rhyme skills of Emay over banging production (he makes his own beats). I also like the direction of "No Sign" as the Canada based emcee appears to be talking about love. The aforementioned songs will not be apart of the upcoming Adam project. Get familiar with this talented double threat and download the songs below by clicking the Download Now button.

Archetype - Everybody's Sayin

"Everybody's Sayin" is the first single from Archetype's third album called Red Wedding. Red Wedding will be available on January 17, 2010 via Traffic Entertainment (they will handle physical and digital distribution). The production is lethal and the rhyming on this record is flawless. I love the ability to present something that sounds different from the status quo. I was introduced to Archetype back in 2007 when they released the super dope Bleed For Them project. Shout out to Dekagon Records for sending this track through. You can download the track below by clicking the Download Now link.

Wedding Cake (Praverb's Cake)

On November 11th I married the love of my life. I was surprised that the bakery made this Praverb the Wyse - Professional Hobbyist cake. I should have known that something was up because Vanessa asked me for a physical copy of the CD. The groom's cake is red velvet and super yummy.

FREE Download: C.B. News - For The Love

This blog post is dedicated to the ultra talented California based emcee C.B. News and his latest project called For The Love. For The Love is sponsored by 2 DopeBoyz and Kevin Nottingham Dot Com. C.B. News was featured on The Gospel Is Free 2 ("Reason I Rise").

For The Love features production from Exile, Infinite Trax, Abstrakt Soundz, Trebles & Blues and Calvin the Genius. The project presents features from Uptown Swuite, J.Good and Josie Stingray. Check out the project below by clicking the DOWNLOAD NOW link.

In September I premiered the single "Live For Today" which is produced by Exile.

FREE Download: A.L. Laureate - Closed Eyed Insomnia

Here is the latest project by BrainStormers crewmate A.L. Laureate called Closed Eyed Insomnia. Closed Eyed Insomnia is a personal project that spans a seven day period. The project is very personal and unearths the personal side of Alex Larenas. The project features production from Dj Frantic, Teddy Roxpin, Symphonic and Fritz the Cat. The project also features guest verses from myself and Anjuli Stars. I hope that you take the time to check out this project. Check out the project HERE.

Big Shug feat. M-Dot, Benefit - Heavy

"Heavy" is an awesome track that features Boston emcees Big Shug, M-Dot and newcomer Benefit. The track is produced by Norman Cratez and "Heavy" features scratches from Dj Reel Drama. You can listen to the track below and download it via HipHopDX.

Atari Blitzkrieg - Avatar (Snippet)

Atari Blitzkrieg - Avatar (Prod. by Psycho Les) by Godsendant Music

Above you will hear the preview of "Avatar" from lethal rhyme slinger Atari Blitzkrieg. The talented emcee utilizes his complex delivery over banging production from Psycho Les. Check out the preview and be prepared for 12.31.99, which is Atari's 90's theme album that chronicles the last days of 1999. The original album featured production by Bronze Nazareth, Nick Wiz, Psycho Les and more and we're continuing that vibe with this new release.

The Rhyme Perspective with Devine Carama

First and foremost, who is Devine Carama and where are you from?

Lexington, Ky. Eastend bred, Southside raised. Tates Creek. Creek side.

Describe the hip-hop scene in Kentucky.

Bad. Just being honest. Limited support from fans, venues, and a lot of in fighting between artists. Crab in a bucket mentality here. If you can build a buzz here in Lexington, Ky you can build a buzz anywhere! lol. On the flipside we have some of the most TALENTED MCs on the planet. So the potential here is so great to have a thriving hip hop scene. But like I said as cats start taking more of a leadership role the scene grows.

Recently you released a project called Blood Of A Slave. In my opinion it is one of my favorite projects of the year. What is the centralized theme of the project?

The album is a loose concept of how black men (particularly artists) are still "slaves" psychologically because the affects of slavery have not only been passed down through the generations but also those affects have been subtly induced by modern media, music and television images. But instead of directly talking about those affects I tried to "be" the affects. I wanted to make Blood Of A Slave from the mentality of a rapper torn between the dream and the promise. Between what he sees and what he knows. A battle between his angels and his demons. This album is not for the casual listener. This album is something deeper than what is in the radio and/or the club. Follow me on this artistic journey through "Davey Jones Locker"...Through purgatory.

Devine Carama - Blood Of A Slave

Who handles the production on the project?

Several cats from my hometown Lexington, Ky but the bulk of which was done by my homie Starks.

Does the project have any featured guests?

Indeed. Starks, Sheisty Khrist & D. Page (vocalist) from my hometown. Then I linked with Vito Banga of the Nappy Roots on "Nigga Please" for that Kentucky connection. Then of course the NC homie Thee Tom Hardy. Dude is a beast. Honor to collab with him and hope for many more.

What is your favorite song from the project?

Changes weekly, but right now its "The Populist Pulpit". It's so honest, so soulful. Chuck full of that substance & passion that I think the game is missing at its highest level.

One of my favorite songs from the project is "The Populist Pulpit." Your delivery is very precise and the message is on point. What inspired you to write the song?

I swear I didn't know this was your next question lol. It is about a regular dudes' plight to do something special. But there is nothing special about him. He doesn't speak from a position of righteousness or power urging those "below" him to be like himself. He speaks from the perspective of a flawed individual about how you should strive to be better than him. It is about just being real and shining light on your flaws in hopes of inspiring others to confess their own flaws which is the first step to improving those flaws. While exposing himself, he does it carefully as to not condone his actions. He's preaching from the pulpit of the people. Not a descendent of Jesus' works but a warrior for Jesus' works.

What inspired you to write "Kentucky Fried Chicken"?

Umm Not to start any problems but I got tired of being avoided by certain MCs when it came to doing features. I think the game is saturated with a lot of new school cats that don't really focused on the pen & pad game (lyrics) as history and the essence of the craft suggest you should. I think when those fools run up on a true MC there bullshit is exposed. Magicians only keep making money as long as his or her tricks remain a secret. So I just wanted to shine light on that while still having fun with it you know. The hook is mad fun but the verses are exhibiting the very thing I think some of these young cats fear. They chicken. KFC...Extra crispy face ass rappers man lol.

People should support the project because...

it is a breathe of fresh air. It is lyrical, dark but soulful, and loosely conceptual. It presents quality and brevity that makes it worth at least a listen I think.

Do you have a set process in regards to writing a song?

No. Sometimes it starts with a concept, sometimes a melody for a hook, sometimes a unique idea. Sometimes I come up with a dope jewel or punchline and I just build a song around that. Really random how my song writing process goes.

You have been blessed to work with Sheisty Khrist consistently. Describe the relationship that you have with Sheisty Khrist.

My brother period. I mean, he is my lyrical mentor but It is a lot deeper than that. I grew up with his wife. He has lent me money. He shares a birthday with one of my daughters. That's my brother right there.

How can the masses get in contact with you?

They starts by hitting my website and all my social site contacts and emails and all that good stuff are there.

What projects are you currently working on?

The conceptual follow up to Blood Of A Slave which is called Heart Of A King. Kind of a play of lyrics from the intro to Nas' Stillmatic album.

How does an artist like yourself stand out in a cluttered genre?

Man...I was just say honesty. I'm very very honest in my music. Also, I'm a socially conscious artist that doesn't limit myself to one sound. I'm not afraid of making "big" music with a mainstream feel.

Any final thoughts?

All I ask is that you listen, enjoy (or not) and then spread the word (whether it's good words or bad). Word of mouth is how indie artists maintain. Give it chance.

Listen to music from Devine Carama Here. Physical copies of Blood Of A Slave can be purchased via Devine's Website and will include 3 bonus tracks.

Starting 5: Underrated Hip-Hop Projects of 2011 (Part 3)

This is the third installment for the Starting 5 series and it features underrated projects from Sean Boog, Felix Zenger, Has-Lo, ILLUS, Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic. This post promotes some of the under appreciated albums of 2011.

Sean Boog - Phantom of the Jamla

Felix Zenger - Won't Say A Thing

Has Lo - In Case I Don't Make It

ILLUS - For Adam

Jazz Spastiks & Junclassic - Mode 7

Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie - Stay

"Stay" is the latest single from the electronic/beatmaking duo Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie second instrumental project called Astro Funk & Weltfrieden. Last year Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie released Treeology and it showcased the eclectic range of the talented Swiss duo. The press page offers more information about the project. I decided to include the sampler below as well. The album will be released digitally via Feelin' Music on November 18, 2011. You can Pre-order it HERE. Check it out!

JAZZO & MELODIESINFONIE - Astro Funk & Weltfrieden (album teaser) by Feelinmusic

Soulbrotha - Southpaw EP Trailer

The homie Soulbrotha is on the verge of releasing a personal project called Southpaw and I thought it would be awesome to post the trailer for the project. The Nigerian transplant states that Southpaw features production by BroadNMarket of The Accomplices and New Jersey's Joe Andriulli. The project is inspired by British Indie Rock Band The XX. The album provides testimony about the trials and tribulations that Soulbrotha experienced a few years ago. That angst and frustration gave birth to the creation of Southpaw and Soulbrotha hopes that people will be able to relate to the universal themes.

I have also included a single that will not be apart on the project. "Heartbreache I" is the name of the track and it serves as a promotional video to promote Southpaw.

Throwback Thursdays: Surreal & Dj Balance - Let the Horns Blow

"Let The Horns Blow" is one of my favorite songs from the Surreal & Dj Balance released Future Classic album. The beat that Tony Stone paves the way for Surreal to flow effortlessly. Surreal is one of my favorite emcees and his work with Dj Balance and The Sound Providers is great. I hope that he will bless us with new material in the future.

A.L. Laureate - Automated Negligence

Here is the latest single from A.L. Laureate called "Automated Negligence." "Automated Negligence" is the first single from Closed Eyed Insomnia which is a conceptually project. The cover for Closed Eyed Insomnia was designed by Sean L. Miller and the production for the single is handled by Dj Frantic. Check out the single below and let me know what you think.

Video: Devine Carama - The Populist Pulpit

"The Populist Pulpit" is the final single and lone visual from Blood Of A Slave. Devine Carama teamed up with Last Calvary Films and they delivered an awesome video. You can listen to "The Populist Pulpit" HERE.

100 copies of Blood Of A Slave have been pressed and can be purchased HERE.



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